We have been dealing with the Baxter pharmacy since it opened, here in Baxter. During the last 9 - 10 years it has been managed and operated by Bruce Hamilton, whose great efficiency, dedication and service to the public surpasses its self at all times.
The bright cheery attentive, informative and well trained staff and particularly Bruce, himself, provide service to the public with efficient and helpful advice. Taking time to explain effects of some medications and treatments etc to customers, particularly the elderly clients, also if medications or equipment are unavailable Bruce endeavours to order them for customers as soon as possible and will deliver them for clients if necessary. Bruce also provides emergency first aid for minor accidents, flue injections, bowel cancer tests, taking of blood pressure, hearing tests, diabetes information and ongoing.
The shop itself is setup with eye catching displays of a wide variety of medical items and treatments, cosmetics, medicines, gifts and equipment etc all clearly marked, complete with eye catching displays of new products, catering to all ages. The shop holds some social activities to promote some of these products, with the assistance of his happy trained staff, which are very much appreciated by the general public.

Products & Services

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